We are improving...
Dear customers and friends,

we are currently working on some important improvements of the Akzynth website and online shop. We aim to offer you the best way possible to enjoy our website and to discover our products. We also have to make your datas privacy absolutely secure, transparent, and clear to understand and to manage. That is a big challenge for a little team like us !

As we also have to create new designs and to produce and sell our beloved products, it should take a little bit of time to get back online... with a fully working and amazing website.

...But no worries !
We plan to be back soon, in the Mid-Autumn 2018, with an improved website and online shop, and especially with a lot of new interesting and original products.

By then you can naturally continue to discover and purchase our products on our Etsy shop or keep in touch with our Facebook page.

Thank you for your understanding, and hold on... we are back really soon !